Interior Bar Design Scotland | Glasgow | Edinburgh

1. Initial Contact

When starting any interior bar design or restaurant design project the first thing to do is to acquire a suitable property.  This could be anywhere from an existing establishment or a brand new site.

As soon as you have made your decision send any plans or photos you have of the space in question. At this point Intec Design will send you a questionnaire that enables us to analyse it and therefore produce the right bar or restaurant for your location.  We will also outline the costs of the project at this point.

We know at Intec Design that it is difficult to visualise what the final design will look like, this is why at the start of the process we produce a detailed concept plan that comes with 3D perspective drawing showing your new bar or restaurant when it is complete. (see the example below)

This is followed up by detailed builders drawings that are designed with great detail that allows you to price the fit out the bar or restaurant and the build accurately.

Interior bar design Scotland

2. Concept Drawings

(a) Initial concept plan showing the possible look for your new bar or restaurant.

Bar or restaurant concept plans

(b) 3d coloured interior perspective drawings come with your concept plans to give you an idea of the final look of your project. See our Concepts

traditional bar design 3d concepts

Golf club bar concept drawings

3d bar design concepts


3. Builder’s Drawings

Builders drawings are a more detailed process, where the interior is developed and drawn to detail for the builder, shop-fitter. They show all the design features accurately, with elevations of each wall, floors, ceilings and electrical layouts, conveying the complete design package. Along with this we provide a full colour scheme with chosen furniture and fabrics. Also created is a paint schedule produced for the painter, which shows each surface colour.

builders drawings for bar or restaurant designs

4. Exterior Elevations

In todays licensed trade it's becoming more and more important to have the exterior design of your premises correct, due to smoking areas clients spend a lot of time outside.
So with that in mind after you have completed the new interior design of your bar or restaurant why not allow Intec Design use their expertise to design your Exterior Elevations.