Good Bar Design

Good Bar Design

Keys to Good Bar Design Good bar design is absolutely crucial to the success of the establishment. Perhaps the most important aspect is to have an understanding of the amount of space that is necessary in order for a bartender to be able to perform their duties properly. The number one goal of designing a […]

Best Irish Pubs

Best Irish Pubs to Visit in Dublin

Best Pubs to Visit Dublin, capital of Ireland, is the largest city in the country. It is known for many landmarks and monuments that are hundreds of years old, including Dublin Castle. The city also has some of the largest green spaces among European capital cities. Aside from that, it is known to be one […]

Bar Design in London

Best Bar Design in London UK

Hanging Out in London: Best Bars to Visit Bar Design in London Are you visiting London for Christmas? There are endless things to do in the city, and you’ll need some time to really experience its wonders. Sport, education, fashion, entertainment, arts, social services, history – you name it, London has it. This endlessly changing […]

Bar Design Must Haves

10 things every good bar needs

If you want to make sure that your bar is up to snuff then you might want to take a quick read through this list. These are the top ten things every good bar needs to remain popular. By getting a few of these essentials sorted out at your bar you may be able to […]

Modern Bar Trends

Latest Bar Trends for 2015

A massive part of owning a bar is staying up to date with modern trends. People like to be considered fashionable, and will therefore make special efforts to go to hot or happening spots in the evenings. If you want to make sure that your bar is always one of those top rated ‘it’ spots […]

Best Irish Bars in the UK

10 Great Irish Bars Around the UK

Sometimes nothing hits the spot more than an Irish whiskey – or a nice pint of stout, depending on your drinking preference. However, you can enhance the experience by making sure you enjoy your drink in a place where good whiskey is not only appreciated, but expected. The following are ten of the best Irish […]

Designing a modern bar Scotland | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Aberdeen

Designing a Modern Bar

A hole in the wall used to be all that was needed for a bar to be successful, but outside of hipster circles, dives, and dark, musty cellars, now a modern, well thought-out bar is desirable if you want to bring in a wide range of customers. There are thousands of bars out there all […]

UK's favourite Restaurants

The UK’s Favourite Restaurants

When in the UK do as the Brits do; check out the UK’s favourite restaurants if you want to have a few dining experiences you will never forget. The locals know the best spots much better than any tour guide magazine, and can share some great insider tips if you are keen enough to listen. […]

Kakslauttanen - Finland

Ten Hotels You’ll Never Forget

If you’re planning a holiday and you’re in possession of unlimited funds, you may be considering booking into a really luxurious hotel, and, of course, you can find one of those almost anywhere on the planet. If, however, it’s mind-boggling you’re after, rather than just ‘standard’ luxury, take a look at some of these one-of-a-kind, […]

Great Pub Designs from Around the UK

Pubs are iconic in the UK as a place where you can grab a pint and a place to meet up with friends and family members. They are a great place to relax, but they can also offer you grand dining, an awesome ambiance, and more if you choose one of the top pubs from […]