Bar or Restaurant Design and Build

The Build

The building process begins when both parties have agreed upon the design and build of your new bar or restaurant and contracts have been confirmed and signed.

At this point we request that the client sources a local contractor to prepare the premises for the start of their redesign.

Premises preparations include of such tasks as the following:
Building of new bar or restaurant

  • Remove all the current fixtures and fittings and any other demolition that maybe required.
  • Re-plaster any walls or floor as required.
  • Install any heating, air conditioning and ventilation that are required to code (HVAC).
  • Carry out any required Plumbing works.
  • Replace any old kitchens, toilets and keg cold room, stores etc.
  • Fire detection and sprinklers installation to the necessarily standards.
  • Prepare all bar equipment i.e. sinks, bottle coolers, bar taps, glass washers, remote beer system.
    You may carry out this work in conjunction with our bar fitters so make sure everything fits as designed.
  • Installation of electrics first fix.
  • Architects fees.
  • Managers office set up.
  • Point of sale system.
  • Audio/ visual system.

Types of service

Although we do provide a complete design, manufacture and install to bars and restaurants around the world there are other options for you when using our services -

Use local fitters - Intec Design design and Manufacture only.
Intec Design can design and manufacture your new bar or restaurant here in Ireland and then transport it to the location to be installed by your selected local fitter with full guidance from Intec Design.

Design Only

It you would prefer for your bar or restaurant to be manufactured and installed by local firms Intec Design also offers a design only service. Your bar/restaurant will be designed in Ireland and you can employ a local business to complete the work.

Timescale & Cost

From contact to launch, the completion time is normally approximately 18 weeks, this would vary on the scale of the project.

This would include the preparation of concept and detailed drawings, the manufacture of the pub fixtures, fittings, shipping and final fit out. The cost of any pub depends on a number of factors, the size of the pub, the design style, the configuration of major cost elements such a pub front, bar counter and back counter.

A fixed price can only be given once a design proposal has been prepared, but in practice, Intec Design normally designs a pub to match the clients budget.