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Bar and Restaurant Design Scotland | Glasgow |Edinburgh | Aberdeen
Intec Design has an experienced team that specialises in bar and restaurant design for Scotland and the rest of the UK. We walk you through the whole process from design to fitting to make the journey as comfortable as possible for you and the end result suits your premises and clientele.

Our interior design include solutions for restaurants, bars, pubs, night-clubs and hotels, aimed at improving the atmosphere or style of your establishment and increase the profitability of your business

We are a professional interior design company based in Belfast, N. Ireland, serving clients all over the world. So, whether you live in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff or Edinburgh, our experienced team of interior designers and fitters can help your business realise its potential.

We are also starting to push our business into mainland Europe and have already done pub design and restaurant refits in Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

Traditional Bar Design

Many design trends have come and gone over the last 40 years, but one in particular remains as popular as ever – the traditional Irish pub design, this is what we specialise in and we are masters at it.
With solid oak counters, comfortable snugs, soft lighting and a roaring fire, Irish pubs and bars are perennial favourite among both casual and regular customers. They stand out among run of the mill pubs and create a cosy, carefree atmosphere. We are bar design experts and traditional bars are a particular area of expertise for us.

We have designed and built many different Irish bar designs over recent years for clients in Ireland, the UK, New York and Europe. Whatever your specifications, we can bring them from concept to reality.

Interior Design For Restaurants & Hotels

More than any other business, the restaurant & hotel designs have to be precise and professional. Customers make their decisions and recommendations based on aesthetic appeal attitude of a restaurant or hotel.
Essentially, they want an experience with ‘a story’, take them on a journey that they will talk to their friends about.

This story will vary depending on the individual customers. Some may desire a traditional country hotel design. Others may prefer a small boutique hotel in a city centre, or a sleek, extremely modern restaurant design.

Build your story and grow your business with the help of our interior design team.

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